The world has now become a global village .Every human being on earth is influenced directly or indirectly by the global changes. Thus, the teachers are also expected to offer the leadership to younger generation to make them aware about the global phenomena and making them able for building their own nations with the help of local and global knowledge base without hampering local and global peace and harmony. This is possible with the help of strong characters and familiarity with the latest information. This requires a focused effort. This university likes to dedicate itself in this direction. It proposes to contribute to the society through a centralized pursuit and practice of Education, Scholarship, Research and Exchange Programmes at the highest level of excellence and strive to create a vibrant community of thinking individuals who stand out as valued members of the society and also to fulfil the requirement of True Teachers in our humanity. The university hopes to achieve this goal by presenting itself as an umbrella institute for all the training colleges and centres of study, organizing research and exchange of ideas in Teachers’ Training, Education Planning and Administration in West Bengal. It also aspires to be responsive to global changes and Indian heritage in all these directions and to be one of the pathfinders in the field of Teacher Education in the Indian scenario.